My snapchat is 27.99 a month, non-refundable. 299 for the year, non-refundable. IAmMariaExotic is my snap screen name.

For payment, I accept all major credit cards, through Square. I will email you an invoice for payment. On your statement, the transaction will show up as, "goods inc".  You could also make arrangements to join my snapchat during a session, in person.

To join my snap, I  require you email me:

1)Two recent photos.

2)A picture of the front, and back of your credit card.

3)A picture of the front, and back of your matching State ID.

Email: Also, send the plan you would like to join 27.99 a month or 299 for the year, as well as, your screename.

Please do NOT waste your time sending fraudulent photos because I will know, you will be blocked and banned from my snapchat, and meeting me in person.

I will delete your photos/ cc info, as soon as, I recieve your payment. Please do not leave anything left out in your email, or I will not email you an invoice, and you will not be able to view my snap chat.

Once payment is received, you will be added immediately. 

Thank You.