** Reminder: For last minute cancellations, no call no shows, their is a 50% rebooking fee off your original appointment. 

* Reminder: Same day cancellation deposits are non-refundable, but feel free to use towards a future appointment or my xxx Snapchat premium.*

Our appointment is not confirmed until you are screened, and deposit is sent.

I do not accept Google voice, text free, pinger, or any other call apps. If you need to be extra discreet, please visit your local pharmacy, and purchase a tracfone.

I respect your privacy. I will NEVER contact you, or save your number unless you ask me to do so.

You never have to worry about your discretion. Wherever my location, it will always be discreet, clean, and safe.

I only use high-end, fragrance free products for my erotic rubs. I use real NURU derived from Japan, it is odorless.

If we have met before, please say so.

For future appointments, please email [email protected]

If you call for a future appointment the call will be terminated.

914.216.1222 is for last minute appointments, only.

914.536.2574 is for body rub and, NURU only.

If I terminate the call after I answer, I am not interested in meeting with you. Please do not call back. I will not answer.

Discretion is key for the both of us.

Listen to my instructions carefully when you are at my location.

Please be discreet at all times when coming to visit.

Follow the exact instructions I will be repeating to you over the phone.

If I feel you are not being discreet when coming to visit with me, I will cancel appointment without notice. Please do not call back. I will not answer.

When you are at my location, please do not knock on the door. The door will be open, just walk in. I will not answer if you knock. Please do not call back. I will not answer.

If we have met previously, the rate stays the same, so please do not ask.

The "rates" are for my time. What we do as two consenting adults is between us.

If it is our first time meeting, please place donation on the table IN PLAIN VIEW OUTSIDE of an envelope.

If it is our first meeting and you are using a major credit card, please place credit card with matching ID on the table. 

I do not discuss rates/menu, or details about a meeting in person, over the phone, or through email. Please google the acronyms listed below if you are confused. I will not answer your questions.

If you discuss rates, or menu during our visit, I will have to ask you to leave.

If it is our first time meeting, please get fully undressed, and proceed to wash your hands. A shower is always available.

I will NOT accept your invitation for an uber, lyft, or any other car service for first time outcall.

Cam shows are available. Email [email protected] Skype Name: search 9142161222